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Motivation of Staff With the Simple Feedback

When there was last time when you have given to a member of your staff some feedback? The feedback about which I speak here, is not some kind of formalized by an estimation which takes place with your staff every month, or each six months or once a year. I speak about a feedback which happens continuously and takes place, when you see, or hear something on what you wish to give a feedback.
Dodge – hold it simple! If you see or hear something that you really love – you speak to the employee about it. If you see or hear something that you do not love, or the feeling could be finished bol’shego success – you speak to them about it, and you train them.
When you speak with a member of your staff, it is important to concentrate on one thing for once; hold it simple, do not confuse them to the whole list povedeniy.
Go for influence
If you gave some positive feedback, you do not wish to speak – “I really like a way with which you deal with difficult clients, and you have a big telephone manner. You always put the messages in time, and is remarkable that you achieve the object!” You only dissolve the whole feedback, and it loses the influence.
Not to confuse
If it is some not so a good feedback you do not wish to confuse the employee with the whole catalogue povedeniy with which you are dissatisfied. “You were late three times this week, your messages always late, and I do not like a way which you speak on the phone with clients.”
Unfortunately, some managers do not give a feedback on bad behaviour immediately. They allow things to go forward and forward, and then they finally blow up. It is much better to deal with behaviour how and when it it is possible to be it good or not so good – and to hold it simple!

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